ResOnline Availability Export

This script offers the ability to automatically export your hotel's availability for the next 365 days from the ResOnline system to a Google Calendar, which can be used to automatically update AirBnB. This will allow B&Bs/hotels using multiple distribution chanels from ResOnline to use the AirBnB platform more effectivly until an official connection is established between Resonline and AirBnB

The script comes with a simple interface displaying a progress bar for clearing and inserting events and an indication of success/failure (more info available from the browser console).

Note: availability is only updated when you run the script, so ideally you would set up a trigger from a booking email, but alternatly could make it an intranet page you visit each time you need to update the calendar (i.e. booking made/cancelled).

If you would like us to implement this feature for you please do not hesitate to get in touch

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You can use this feature online by embedding the following link as an iframe, or calling it from a server when required (Note: it will load the UI regardless, for API style usage use the self-installation instructions below and remove the HTML or contact us for assistance).